Using your Credit Cards for your Dream Vacation? Why Not!

I am a Credit Card user and I am a responsible one. I do not use my Credit Card excessively and just for the fun of shopping. I have a Credit Card because I know I can manage my finances well and I always pay on time.

My Credit Card Bank Provider has a lot of offers as of this moment. I have receive a flyer from them that I can use my Credit Card to charge my next vacation destination. They have this “Travel Now, Pay Later” offer for their Credit Card holders at absolutely 0%, isn’t that just AMAZING??? And you can pay it at monthly terms!

I am still browsing their flyers right now and it is quite cheap compared to some agencies!:)


  1. interesting, for me, i would rather not use my CC so that when i get back from my vacay i wouldn’t pulling my hair because i have to pay back those credit’s and the interest i had….but it’s each other’s choice, as long as you are happy that is important…

  2. Unfortunately, I am the other way around and that is why I’m not attracted to credit card offers, hehe… But good for you sis. A zero interest I think is worth a grab.

  3. that’s such a great offer from your cc provider, Jo! it’s so hard to get a cc in the Philippines.. we were not able to get one while there but we have to inquire how to apply here in thailand. It’s really a need, especially in booking flights. Enjoy your holiday! Will be waiting for your post about it!

  4. Sounds like a great deal, but think about it a million times, I am just really skeptical about using my cc but I know you’re on top of your finances, you’d be fine 🙂

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