3 Reasons to Visit Japan

I have been longing to visit Japan for a very long time already. I have 3 reasons why I want to visit the country and I know a lot of people have more than 3 reasons to visit Japan. My top 3 reasons why I would love to visit Japan are 1. Historic Landmarks – I don’t know much as what are the names of the places I should be visiting but I know that Japan was one of the old countries who have rich history and that they have these landmarks that can still be visited up to today, 2. Japanese Culture – Japan has one of the richest cultures in the world, I love watching Japanese movies because of their stories which are very unique and they have portrayed their culture in it like no other, I want to experience it first-hand and 3. Tourist Destinations Japan – there are so many tourist spots that are easily visited in Japan aside from the fact they have these Cherry blossoms everywhere which makes me want to stay below it for about an hour or two, they also have the famous Himeji Castle and the Great Buddha of Kamakura which travelers like me would love to see for my own eyes and of course I will not forget Mount Fuji, the famous symbol of Japan!

I am glad that Japan has now allowed Filipinos to apply for a multiple-entry tourist visas because it would be easier for me and my friends to visit the country with less hassle!


  1. I have only been to Narita, Japan, but never really got to explore the city. Instead we stayed in our hotel and for the remaining time that we had, we explored the airport stores. πŸ™‚ hahaha.. I would be interesting in exploring Japan someday. I am curious about their food. πŸ™‚

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