Pageant Dresses

Pageant dresses are a common design that many parents find for their children. Pageant dresses are characterized by having a more mature, sedate look than normal children’s dresses. They are generally fitted or tailored, and favor wide ankle-length skirts. As their name implies, they originated from various pageants around the United States. They are a unique take on formal wear for children that does not often get seen outside of the pageant circuit, but they are often winners off stage as well as on for their high-quality designs.

In recent years, pageant style dresses have been popularized by the publication of and backlash against children’s pageants. Some find pageants a great way to encourage children to develop talents and self-esteem, and others find them exploitative. No matter what view you take, however, it does keep pageants in the public eye, and that means the look associated with pageants gets better known. Pageant dresses are thus moving away from their associations with pageants and becoming a style of formal wear that parents turn to for more festive special events.

Pageant dresses can most easily be found online. You can find sugar pageant dresses at and similar retailers, and this is generally a safer bet than a department store. Pageant dresses tend to be specialized due to their relatively-unique designs, and so most general-purposes retailers do not carry them. It is easy to find them in a number of different styles online, however, so you can be sure to find something that will suit your child perfectly.

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  1. I actually have kind of a sick fascination with the whole pageant scene – but never intend to enter my girls into any of them. I love pageant dresses though! They really can be used for many other occasions rather than just beauty pageants.

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