Photography: the new tool of communication

Since the first drawings in caves, humans manifested a big interest in creating images. It was important to people 20 000 years ago and it is important for us today. Photography has evolved and it became not only a way of taking pictures with a camera, now it is art and there are many aspects to consider when it comes to analyzing it.

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Photography today is the new tool of communication. Based on what social networks are up to and for what people use them, we can say that photos are some of the main things, which appear mostly on your Newsfeed or in your search. People take photos of everything, starting with themselves and ending with food. It is important to them to get it captured and then posted or sent to a friend. That is the best way to show what they are up to or what they are doing in that moment. Together with photography, communication has evolved. Sometimes is even hard to feel unique in this world, because once you google something and you think you are the only one who has seen it or who has thought about it, you will see that thing, posted by someone else. You can even get to look at a picture of it, because someone already took it. You can search for the most beautiful beaches in the world. In one click distance from you are numerous photos of the Miami beach, taken by a professional Miami Photographer or pictures with a Maldives beach, taken by some tourist with the camera on his phone.


If there are still people who think that professional photography is not a process or an art, they are completely wrong. The camera is a lifeless object, it can work only with the help of the photographer. It is more than just putting the camera in front of something and pushing a button. There are lights, angles, lenses and many other things, which should be considered when taking a photo. A photographer has special skills of observing what, how and when it should be photographed. It is not the same with all the people who have cameras on their phones but it does not mean that photos taken by mobile devices mean less for people. Usually the first photos of a newborn baby are the ones taken with a phone and these pictures mean a lot to the new parent. Examples like this are hundreds, maybe thousands.

Photography is an art, which made our lives more exciting. It is a new form of communication and it helps people to create images of things or moments they care about.

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