First Vacay for 2014

I went to Davao City last January 2 because I have some business transactions to attend to. What I didn’t expect was my cousins from Manila and Iligan City were there too, to have a little vacation. So when I contacted them and told them I am in Davao City too, we had a little gathering and went to Samal Island to have a swim. We went to Maxima Aquafun first but it is so sad that their restaurant was out of food at that time that is why we decided to find another place to hang out.

We checked out Hagimit Falls and we decided to stay there and took a dip into their cold fresh water. Here are some of the photos we took right after we had a swim and yes, the first photo is very intriguing in my Facebook account because I said I was with my current boyfriend (he is my cousin though).


  1. My gosh that place looks so amazing! I’ve only been to Davao once and that was back when I was 6 so I don’t remember much. HAHA 😛 I’d love to re-visit it someday. 😀

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