Bobon’s Pinangat

We went to Bobon, Northern Samar last year during the town fiesta. Before we left, we went to a certain store to buy “Pinangat”. It was my first time to hear about such food, N told me that it is a Bicolano delicacy. There are frozen “Pinangat” available for pasalubong purposes. We bought some and went our way.

Last month, we went on a road trip for our honeymoon (separate posts for each place we visited will be posted, please stay tuned) and pass by Bobon again. So here are some photos I got when we visited the place again.

Bobon’s Pinangat is very affordable, we paid only 650 for 5 packs of “Pinangat”. Each pack contains around 8 ready to eat and good for one serving of “Pinangat”. image


Pinangat’s main ingredients is Gabi Leaves, coconut milk, dried fish and red pepper.


If you happen to visit Northern Samar, please take time and visit Bobon then drop by at Manang Lydia’s store. This is will be of great help to them, I believe.

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