OPPO F1s: Summer Destination

The Philippines is one of the most traveled country during SUMMER because foreigners love the sun, sand and sea. We all have that in our beautiful country. Filipinos do not appreciate the beauty that is innate in our country that is why I always encourage my friends to visit different tourist places in the Philippines before travelling abroad. We have a lot to offer as a country, we have a great history, a beautiful culture, a virgin and not abused tourist spots, delicious food and it is very affordable to travel within our country.

My favorite Summer Destination is the Province of Bohol. My mother is Boholana and every year we visit Bohol during May, which is considered as a Fiesta Month.

I love the rich culture and old towns in Bohol. Even though some of the beautiful and old Churches were damaged and the people cannot restore it back, I am happy that I was able to visit some when I was younger. Last 2015, I went there with my family. My kids have learned a lot from our vacation because Bohol doesn’t only have natural resources and tourist spots but also man-made ones.

Let me share with you a photo of my son, posing with these bees at Bohol Bee Farm. At first, he was scared but eventually he conquered his fear and was able to hold it for a photo-op. It is easier to teach kids about insects when they are able to interact with it.

Here is a photo of the famous Chocolate Hills. When we were younger, we thought that Chocolate Hills is made of Chocolates and that we can eat it. My kids also think that they can bring it home and eat it. It is a beautiful creation that you can only see in Bohol.

We had lunch at the famous Loboc River Cruise, you only pay for the “Eat All You Can” Lunch and get to ride the boat for free. They will then have a stop over where you can listen to these kids who will sing and dance Boholano Songs for everybody to enjoy.

Of course, we went to the Man Made Forest and had our photos taken. The man made forest is located along the hi-way and most peopl have there photos taken at the center of the hi-way itself but I chose to have my daughter’s photo at the shoulder of the road to avoid mishaps. Though the street isn’t that busy compared to other cities and towns, we never know an accident will just happen anytime.

Then we visited the Shiphaus in Batuan. The Shiphaus was owned by a Ship Captain, it used to be their home but people from different places came to visit and had their photos taken. Eventually, it became a tourist spot and a hotel at the same time. They have rooms for rent, and they sell different tokens (pasalubong) for your family and friends.

Of course, it will not be a Summer Destination if we will not visit the BEACH! Life is a BEACH as we know and Summer will not be Summer without the SUN, the SAND and the SEA.  We just can’t get enough of BOHOL, can’t you see how beautiful it is? Don’t you want to visit it yourself?

I have visited Bohol a million times but I wasn’t able to visit all of its different tourist spots, old Churches, and all of its wonderful beaches. Yes, Bohol has beautiful virgin islands and pristine white beaches to offer, but we couldn’t visit it all at once so we kept on coming back.

As you can see, some of my photos aren’t that beautiful and we seldom have photos of us together. OPPO F1s should be part of my next summer adventure, it is not called the Selfie Expert for nothing, because I know it will surely take beautiful photos of me and my family together because of its 16MP Front Camera. Most phones don’t have a great Front Camera and only OPPO have given it importance.


  1. ge mingaw nakos bohol ayyy… nka visit ko once or twice pero gusto ko mo balik diha. Such a nice place. I also heard OPPO really have nice cam, let me know once you got them. Good job!

  2. I agree! Our country has a lot of hidden gems and is well loved by travelers and tourists. I haven’t been to Bohol, heck I haven’t been anywhere that much, but I want to be able to visit it someday. I need to slash off the Chocolate Hills in my bucketlist!

    I’ve heard of Oppo’s selfie cam and wow lang ang masasabi ko sa 16mp front camera. Definitely one of the best selfie cameras out there! Good luck! 😀

  3. I haven’t been to Bohol. I want to go there with my children someday. As for now, balik Bacolod muna kami.

    OPPO has a great cam. I could tell since Micah has one. Take that perfect selfie once you get your OPPO F1s!

  4. Bohol is certainly a great place to go to. It’s already in my travel bucketlist. I hope to travel the Philippines soon. By the way I’m an OPPO user, made a review of it, and it’s one amazing phone.

  5. Before the Oppo F1s came out with their Selfie phone, Lenovo already had one and it came out in 2014, it’s called the S90, it’s got the same specs that Oppo F1s was boasting of, 16MP front camera, front flash and all that. 😛 I got an S90 in 2014 and I loved it, so when Oppo came out with theirs, I was like, okay, this isn’t new to me at all. LOL 😛 But, I think Oppo F1s is a lot more affordable at 15,000Php and below, that’s a steal, Lenovo was a bit costly, even back in 2014, I got my S90 for 32,000Php not budget friendly at all and I barely even use it anymore because I prefer my iPhone of course haha 😛

    Bohol though, ahhh, what a beautiful place, it’s on my bucket list of places to visit and hopefully we get to visit it sometime soon! 🙂

  6. nice places you’ve there, and love how your brave son hold up those colonies of bees to conquer his fear, we too as parents needs to show to our children that.

  7. Bohol is one of my favorite provinces. Maganda, malinis, at tourist friendly kahit na mga tricycle driver. It’s nice to go on vacation with kids so that they will have more happy memories.

  8. I am thinking of shifting to Oppo or Zenfone from Samsung. Even my father uses Oppo now while my hubby is into Zenfone. Pero parang mas bet ko Oppo. Anyway, I haven’t been to Bohol and seeing your photos in Loboc River and Chocolate Hills so vividly made me want to book a flight to Bohol.

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