World Teacher’s Day Celebration 2017

How do you celebrate the World Teacher’s Day? I am not a teacher though I when I was younger it was my dream. I know that is was my ambition because I have seen my yearbook during my Preschool Graduation and it was written there. Now I realized that it wasn’t my calling because today I am not a teacher by profession.

I am very active in my children’s school activities because I am the GPTA Treasurer (again) and the SGC Chairperson for this school year. Every year we always celebrate World Teacher’s Day with a theme for our teachers to wear something different from what they usually wear during school days. We used to have a Floral/Hawaiian Theme, we also had Retro/70s Theme and last year we had an all White Theme. And we do not allow the teachers to know what we have prepared for them. The GPTA and SGC officers works hand in hand to provide a surprise celebration for the teachers every year.

This year we asked our teachers to come in their Disney Inspired Costume or Attire. We had a program for the morning, a sumptuous lunch then parlor games for the whole afternoon. Our teachers are so happy during our celebration and we are so glad that they were. We appreciate the hard work that they do every day to educate our children and the children of the next generation.

Before I forget this year’s theme is “Gurong Pilipino; Kaakbay sa Progreso”.


  1. I can’t remember the time I celebrate teacher’s day. Or maybe I will when I have my kid (soon).
    Cute photo and their costumes as well.

  2. We homeschool/ world school — every day is Teacher’s day when mom and dad can get a nap and alone time.

    On a serious note, little things count for teachers. I used to be one and homemade treats and handmade creations go a long way.

  3. What a nice event for the teachers! I appreciate teachers more now coz I’m homeschooling my son. Too bad we weren’t able to celebrate World Teacher’s Day this year though.

  4. This is the time of the year that teachers are recognized by their profession and passion to teach children and young adults. It’s a great time to celebrate and give back to our teachers!

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