Surgical Options After Excessive Weight Loss

When you lose a large amount of weight, you want to show off your body and let others know that you feel great about yourself. Many people who are overweight dream about walking into their high school reunions or seeing people they haven’t see in years and seeing jaws drop. They often do not realize that losing a large amount of weight in a fast period of time can have some side effects though. Cosmetic surgery Durham NC offer procedures designed for people just like you that can help you get the rocking body you want.

Excess Skin Removal

One problem associated with weight loss is that once you lose the weight, the excess skin has nowhere to go. The same skin that held all your extra weight will now look flabby and sag down so low that you have a hard time getting undressed in front of another person. Excess skin removal surgeries allow surgeons to remove that excess skin and give you the smooth and tight look that you want without any scarring. These procedures are suitable for use anywhere on your body and work particularly well on the stomach and lower body.

Chin Tuck

Even after losing dozens of pounds, you may find that your chin still looks plump. This can occur because of age and because of genetic factors. A chin tuck can make you look years younger because it removes the excess fat from your chin and makes it look both tighter and smoother. A similar procedure works wonders on your neck. You can actually schedule an appointment to have both procedures done at the same time to transform your look and to spend less time in recovery.

Breast Lift

The size of your breasts often relates to your overall weight and size. Women who weigh more are more likely to have larger breasts than women who weigh less. After losing weight, you need to get a bra fitting done to determine if you wear a different size now. Many women who lose a large amount of weight find that their breasts begin sagging. Getting a breast lift lets you get the great breasts that you always wanted and will lift your breasts up higher. You may opt for a breast enlargement too. Any of these cosmetic procedures will help you take pride in your appearance after losing weight.

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