Ways To Remove Hair If You Have Sensitive Skin

Finding shaving gels or razors that are truly kind to your sensitive skin can seem like an impossible task. Still, fuzzy legs are considered unattractive and even unhygienic, so many women with sensitive skin simply grin and bear it. There are other options that are kinder to your skin, however, some of which are even kinder to your wallet than traditional razors.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal Ellicott City MD is a long-term solution that will keep your skin happy and free up the hours you usually spend shaving. The treatment is done over four to six appointments and works by attacking the hair follicle itself, preventing the hairs from growing in the first place. After this, hair growth will be reduced and the hairs that do grow back will be finer; you can manage growth with treatments once or twice a year.


Sugaring is a natural, gentler alternative to waxing. The thick sugary paste is so natural that it’s actually edible, as it’s simply made from sugar, lemon juice, and water. That means there are no chemicals for your skin to object to, but it will hurt more than shaving at first. Since you’re pulling the hairs out by the root, however, you won’t need to sugar as often as you need to shave. Even better, the simple ingredients mean that you can actually make it at home, which makes it incredibly cost-effective.


Epilators are electric, hand-held devices that essentially pluck out your leg hairs. This does mean incurring an initial higher cost, from $30 to $100 depending on the brand, but you only have to pay that price once. Like sugaring and waxing, it’ll take some getting used to in terms of pain tolerance but will keep you from having to remove the hairs as often.

Despite the common trope that “beauty is pain,” you don’t need to subject yourself to constant rashes in order to obtain smooth legs. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternative options out there, allowing you to pick an option that works best for your skin and your budget.

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