Catching a show in New York City

You are planning a trip to New York City and want to take in a show. There are a variety of shows but you need to be aware of many things as you prepare to go. Here are a few tips for the best experience.

Getting Tickets

You can get tickets for stage plays and new york city cabaret when you arrive or a week or two before you leave for your trip. However, for the big name Broadway events, you need to order your tickets months in advance before the sell out. Also, shows that are off Broadway have cheaper tickets with prices under a hundred dollars. Tickets to Broadway shows are typically a couple of hundred dollars each. The shows during the week are easier to buy tickets for than the programs on Friday and Saturday. Many theaters will also offer discounts if the show is taking a while to fill.

An Empty Stomach

Restaurants around the area run specials on their meals for people going to the theater. You can let them know what time your show starts and they will get you out the door in time. This applies to both the afternoon matinees and evening shows. You can make a whole day of going to the theater.

Mind Your Manners

Dress for the event by wearing a more formal outfit than your everyday wear. If you choose to wait for an autograph outside the backstage door, you will want to have a pen or permanent marker and some sort of souvenir  for them to sign. However, be polite when dealing with the actors. Ask them if you would like a picture with them and be understanding if they must move on instead of stopping. Also, if you see them eating at a restaurant, leave them be so they can dine in peace.

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