Why I chose KanGuard

Yesterday, I bought myself an accident insurance for only ₱1,799 using my mobile phone. Why did I chose to buy it? Simple, I want myself to be insured and I don’t want my family to suffer in case something happens to me. What’s great about KanGuard is that for only ₱1,799 I am covered for ₱500,000 in case I am permanently disabled or in case I will have an accident.

Aside from the fact that it is hassle-free, I love that I can get insured in minutes. They sent my policy number immediately and without asking for a medical certificate or whatsoever that some insurance companies requires you to have.

You can nominate your beneficiaries or let them choose automatically (spouse, children, parents). Do not wait for an accident to happen before you get yourself covered! Get one now at FWD!

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