Planning the Perfect Party

Celebrating life’s milestones like birthday, new babies or weddings is one of the most fun ways to spend an evening or day with the people we love the most. If you are planning to host a future celebration for a family member or friend, here are three pieces of advice to help you plan a party with as little stress as possible.

Hire a Planner

One of the easiest ways to eliminate a lot of your time commitment and stress of planning a party is to hire someone to oversee and manage all the details, bookings and execution of the big day so you can truly just enjoy being present with the person of honor. Ask your friends, family, neighbors or colleagues for any personal recommendations they have from working with a party planner NY before. Make sure to interview at least three planners so you can get a sense of various styles, experiences and connections to vendors to score you the most bang for your buck.

Keep it Simple

Many times, the most simple and thoughtful parties end up being the most memorable. Even though it is easy to go overboard with lavish food, extraordinary decorations and activities galore, most often people are looking for the opportunity to connect and create personal memories with the person of honor. Consider the personality and taste of your person of honor and err on the side of simple versus complicated. Find one or two simple but personalized ways to give everyone a chance to connect such as a fun photo opportunity, creating a memory book or frame or work of art or simply allowing time for people to share their memories or thoughts to the person of honor.

Stick to a Budget

Before you begin planning the details of the party or even hire a planner, make sure you set up a working budget with a maximum you would want to spend on the entire party. Make sure to include every expense and leave some room for unexpected expenses or changes to prevent you from overspending on the party.

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