I Chose Starbucks Planner 2020 for a Business Mom Like Me

Having a planner is a must. Why? Because it keeps you on track. Having a little notebook which tells you and reminds you what needs to be done every single day.

It is hard whether you’re a stay-at-home-mom or a working mom. Dividing your time to your spouse, children, household work, work or if you have a business to manage and other stuffs. You need to have a planner to keep track of your expenses, bills that needs to be paid, reminders of due dates and anniversaries and school activities of your children.

I have been using a planner for 10 years now, I use to have Paolo Coelho’s because they are cute, have inspirational quotes in the footer, I also had a PMA planner that my husband gave me as a gift, and I use to have a BDJ planner too. But this year I chose to have a Starbucks Planner and I think I am using a Starbucks Planner for 5 years already because it is not bulky and can fit in my bag, it is lightweight, and it is PINK (my favorite color).

I love that it has space in the right side where I can write notes, like a list of the things I need to buy, such as grocery items for the week, some needed assignment and projects of the kids that they need to pass on time, and I can draw on it when I feel like an artist for awhile.

It is the best planner for moms it also has dates to note portion wherein the holidays are already written in there to remind every mother that most probably the kids don’t have classes. It also has Starbucks coupons at the back which mothers loves best, COFFEE and COUPONS are a mom’s bestfriend. Plus it has a gold crown embedded at the front which will always remind you that you are a QUEEN.

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