My Favorite Childhood Games

Now that I am a mother, I miss my childhood life and the games I used to play because every time I watch my children play , they are just there sitting down, holding their cellular phones, iPads or in front of their laptops/PCs.

Back then, we don’t have our own phones, if we want to play we need to wait when the family TV will be available for play time because our Father will watch news , he has his own TV time, and our Mother will watch her favorite soap operas. So we have a very limited time to play with our family computer where we connect to our TV and play our favorite games such as Super Marios, Battle Tank and Street Fighter. These are the games I want my children to learn to play and love too aside from the games they have downloaded on their iPads and phones.

Glad that I was able to find this amazing website where there are a lot of free games online! I tried some of them and I found the one that my heart misses so much playing. Sharing with you a screenshot of their website here :

I missed playing battle tank so I tried TANK WARS! And it did brought back a lot of memories! Happy memories of me and my brother playing side by side attacking tanks from the enemies, killing them one by one! It is so easy to learn and play and is so much fun!

This is just one of the 200 games they have on their site, they even have PINBALL , PACRAT, and FOOTSTAR. You should check out their page and try to play their games , I know you will not regret it! Check PLAYS.ORG and PLAY during your free time , to let off the steam and the stress that this pandemic has brought.

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