Monthly Archives: February 2014

Pay It Forward 2013

Last year, I have joined the Pay-It-Forward challenge in Facebook. Sadly, because of my busy schedule I was not able to send my gifts to the two people who committed to take up the challenge too. But I am glad that just this month I was able to fulfill my promise to them.

I also received the gift for me from a blogging friend who also took up the challenge last year. A pair of Caribbean slippers/sandals and the box that I have been longing for.

Thank You Mommy Levy.

Trumpet Mouthpiece

I’m thinking of buying a good yamaha standard trumpet mouthpiece at guitar center for my brother. He’s going to be ecstatic, because it will be added in his collection. I’ve been thinking of giving one, kind of donating, for the towns band too. With a good trumpet mouthpiece, the music they will make will sound good and pleasing for the audience to listen.

Online Shopping for Chicay’s dresses

I am an online shopping enthusiast. Online shopping gives me more choices with regards to the variations of clothes that I can find and I can compare the prices easily with in different shops without spending time and effort.

I have found this online seller in instagram that is selling baby clothes at very low prices. I am glad the clothes were on sale when I ordered so I got 5 pieces for only 300php. That is definitely a STEAL.




College Ring

It’s been years now since I graduated from college. It was one of the most memorable moments in my life, to be up on stage, making my parents proud of my achievements.

College will be surely missed where the only problem you’ll encounter were assignments, exams, and projects. But what’s great about it was the friendship that was built and the knowledge that was learned that mold us. And since we love our Alma Mater so much, we each got ourselves one of the best design class rings so we can have something that would remember us the best days of our lives.

Cheap flower crown at Cogon

I have been wanting to own a flower crown that I can use and wear during pictorials but I just cant afford to buy one because it is expensive. I have seen a lot of sellers online and I’m scared of buying something that I cannot see and hold to check if it is nice and good to wear.
When I went to CDO with my friend, we went to Cogon Market to SHOP. Yes, we went there to shop because everything is sold for very low prices. Flower Crowns and head bands which looks like flower crowns are selling like hot cakes and they are very cheap.