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Summer Vacation

SUMMER is not just around the corner, it is somewhere near the BEACH, the SAND and under the SUN. I don’t know why if I think of the word “SUMMER”, I see sun-tanned people in my mind who are wearing bikinis and swimming trunks while playing volleyball near the beach.

Moreover, classes has finally ended, it is summer vacation for the kids and yet, the rain is still pouring. Yeah, I am excited to wake every day to check out if the weather is already fiery HOT and if ever Mr. SUN is up early, but sometimes I am disappointed when I go outside because the weather is cold as ICE.

So, I am thinking of a good, ohhh, BEST PLACE to spend the summer vacation with, not in Orlando because it is too far. I am thinking of somewhere near and cost lesser than having a vacation abroad. I cannot spend my summer vacation in the white beaches of Panglao because it is far, I need to ride a ship before I can get there and you see it will not be feasible for my 1 month old daughter. So, perhaps we could go to Samal Island in Davao which is nearer here in Bukidnon or perhaps Dakak.

Anyway, before I go, let me ask you a question, “What comes to your mind if you hear the word SUMMER?”.

Bohol August Getaway

A long weekend is what everyone needs and God is so good because before the month of August ends, we have a super long-weekend. No work and no class and it just means that we could visit our grandmother in Bohol. You see, this is quite different and we are not used to visiting our grandmother for any other month because we are used to visiting her on May (Month of Festivals in Bohol) and on June (our grandmother’s birthday falls on the 26th).

But this August, we could spend a full four days vacation with her. We didn’t even think twice if we should go or not go, just like when I am thinking of what is the best weight loss pills for women nowadays.

I am so excited for our Bohol  August Getaway and I just can’t wait to see my dear relatives who are going to spend the weekend with us.