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Masquerade Ball

If there is one thing I love about Venice aside from the Gondolas, it is the Venetian Masquerade Ball. Venetian Masks are worn by a person who attends different Ball in order to socialize. The masks were worn in order to keep the identities of the person wearing it hidden. Being mysterious and beautiful at the same time is achieved by wearing this kind of masks.

Commedia masks may look like a happy clown or a sad clown because of the emotions portrayed by the mask. Masquerade Balls are becoming a fashion even here in the Philippines now, more and more women who celebrate their debut or birthdays are into Masquerade Ball themed party.

I was Enchanted

It was my first time to visit Enchanted Kingdom and I had FUN. Though we didn’t have enough time to ride all the available rides inside the adventure park, I am still happy to visit the place and have my pictures taken inside it.

I think the next time I should visit the place, I should come earlier in order to enjoy all the rides. And maybe bring the kids and my family in order for them to appreciate the place too. Some of the rides were pretty scary, but you are there to have FUN and conquer your fears.

Fashionable Nursing Uniforms

Lately, I have been thinking if I have taken the right degree in College. Why? Because every time my son is admitted at the hospital I cannot keep myself from not looking to those pretty nurses at the nurse’s station wearing pretty scrubs for nurses only. When I was young, I have been to different hospitals but I have never seen nurses wearing these fashionable nursing scrubs. If I have known earlier that nursing uniforms will get this fashionable, I should have studied nursing instead.

My parents encouraged me to enroll for a nursing school but I was not convinced because I thought that being a nurse is a dull and hard work. But seeing nurses wearing white lab coats and doing their work makes me think again if being a nurse is really a dull work. Being presentable at work is good but being fashionable is great!

GT:And I will DO everything for Love

When I read today’s topic for GT, the song “and I will do anything for love” keeps running in my mind. Although I am not a good singer, I can surely sing that song but I know it is out of tune.

Anyway, enough about the song, let me talk about the topic. Like Kaye, I cannot KILL for Love, but surely I will Fight for Love. Among other things, I will really try hard to learn how to cook for Love because I know that a good mother a good wife should cook for her family. I am willing to wait for Love, yes, as you can see, we have a very complicated relationship and even though both of our families accepts one another. So I am willing to wait for that.

Girl’s Talk has a new badge and I LURVE IT! What more can I say? KUDOS mommy Kaye 🙂

My Love for Lockers

My love for Lockers started when I was in College because back in high school we don’t have it there. During my first year, I wasn’t that interested in lockers because I thought I don’t need it and that it is expensive. But when I was in my 2nd year I realized that I needed to have it and I was able to weigh the cost versus its benefits.

School Lockers are of great help to students like me who have to carry heavy books for different subjects every day. Having also a locker in school also helps the cheerleaders and varsity players because it is very tiresome to carry their extra dress and other activities uniforms aside from the school uniforms they need to wear at school. These lockers are usually situated in an area near a school gym or in a building near the library.

So since then, I always rent a locker until the day that I graduated.