Daily Archives: March 30, 2013

Giving Support

Most of the kids’ dream is becoming a rock star and having a band of their own. This dream perhaps streamed down when they started listening to music and become curious and interested on playing a musical instrument.

Parents give their all out support for their children to mold their talent. They will buy them drum set, bass guitar, guitars, and even a blackstar amps guitar center. Some do even have their kids enrolled for a crash course in musical instruments, while others prefer to teach their kids on their own.

When my son grows old and shows interest in music, I will definitely support him all the way until he reached his dream.

Guess Baby

My baby daughter is a Guess Baby in this photo because her godmother gave her a cute little Guess skirt during her birthday and another friend gave her the Guess blouse she’s wearing. I am not into branded clothes but I am thankful that there are people who cared for my baby daughter so much that they indulge her into these luxuries.



I’m sure everyone is in their summer mood right now! Having plans on hitting the beach or go travel abroad and see places. Maybe, some of you had their adventures done already this Holy Week. Well, I too have my own plans lined up, I was thinking of camping out with my family, enjoy the summer heat with the nature at its finest. Good thing we have our own transportation which makes the travel hassle-free. And with the rack system installed in our car, just like the thule ski rack, where it hold the ski up in the roof of your car, we can definitely bring a lot of our things that cannot fit inside the car anymore. I wonder where we can go camping, do you have any suggestions for me?