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Pink Friday : Pink Pair from Mommy Gen

Fridays, what are you waiting for every Friday? What do you love about Fridays? I love Fridays because I can share my PINK things for Pink Fridays!

Here is a photo of my daughter with too much excitement for the gifts she receive from Mommy Gen of Wonderful Things in Life. Indeed, there are so many wonderful things in life and we should be thankful for that.

I cannot wait to see my daughter wear this cute terno that she got from Mommy Gen. And I will definitely share it with you 🙂

Pink Friday: Pink Donut

Pink Fridays, oh I miss this last week. For today, I would love to share my baby boy eating his favorite Pink Donut from Dunkin Donuts! I forgot the name of this Donut but he loved it. See it for yourself how:
Yeah, he is a Donut-Eater! He loves donuts and every time I went to City, its the only thing he ask me to buy for him. No toys, no things, just Donuts.

Pink Button for Pink Fridays

I don’t wanna miss Pink Friday! Mommy Ruby is not fine up until yesterday, I haven’t check on her today though if she is alright already. So I believe there is no PF entry posted in her Pink Thought site just yet but I would love to share my PF entry for this week.

Me and my daughter wore shorts and I want to share this photo of us:
Chicay’s shorts has a pink button while I have white buttons on my shorts. I haven’t noticed it until I took a photo of us together. Both of our shorts were given, mine came from Ditsi B-eng and Chicay’s shorts was from Sati.

Have you joined Pink Fridays?

Pink Fridays : Pink Wall

Here is a photo I want to share. My daughter is 5 months old already oh, how time flies so fast and she can now stand on her own. Not walk, just stand, while grabbing and holding on to something.

I want to share this VERY PINK photo of her. She’s wearing a pink onesie and she was holding on to my pink bedding, while on the background is our Pink Room Wall.
Yeah, I don’t get tired of seeing PINK in my room. And if ever given the chance, I would still paint my room PINK.

Pink Ballerina

Pink Friday is all about Pink stuffs. So my share for this week is my baby ballerina. Chicay looks so cute wearing this little ballerina costume with a pink headband too. But would you believe if I say that all the things she wore in this photo are all pre-loved and given by 2 different persons.

Chicay’s pink headband and pink onesie was given by Maycee, while the pink tutu was given by Maelany. I just mix and match her pre-loved clothes to come up with something this beautiful.