Monthly Archives: December 2010

GT: Best Vacation Place

Last Thursday of the month, and I don’t want to miss it. So here I am, posting my say on the best Vacation Place for me. Every May of the year from the day I was born, I always love to spend my days in Bohol, my mom’s hometown.

May is a month of many Fiestas in Bohol and we always have a family reunion every May. Our relatives from all over the world would go home and spend the summer with our grandmother.

Bohol is the best vacation place for me and I always love to be there every year because of the sun, the white sand beach, the chocolate hills and my mother’s ancestral home where my Lola stays.

GT:Where to go to have FUN?

When it comes to having FUN, my son equates it with W-A-T-E-R. Yeah, so the only place we will go to have FUN would be the resorts near here (around 30 minutes drive) which has swimming pools.

My son is enjoying his time in the pool, right?

GT: Unwind

I don’t wanna miss GT that is why I am still posting my entry here. So where do I go when I want to unwind? I don’t know. I have already forgotten how to unwind or when was the last time I did that.

Sometimes I feel good and great when I read a book, sitting in my favorite chair or lying on my bed.

But if I really want to unwind, I would love to go to the beach or a resort where they have a pool. Just sitting there, playing with or looking at the water makes me feel peaceful and calm.