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A blogger posted in her blog about this amazing site wherein you can answer a survey of how well traveled are you in the Philippines. I took the survey and got a grade of C-. It is sad that I am from the Philippines and yet I have not gone to visit my own country. I really want to be a tourist in my own country and help its economy.When I was younger, I was not able to travel because of two things, MONEY and TIME. I don’t have the money to spend on vacations and I am still in school so I cannot just leave my life and went on different getaways that I want.

But now, I am saving money for different travel destinations in the Philippines that I wanted to visit with my loved-ones. There are so many places that are so beautiful and worth traveling for in the Philippines. Aside from that there are so many ways to save while on vacation. We don’t have to choose those expensive hotels to stay while in our getaways, we can just choose the ones we can afford and yet we are comfortable staying the night with.

My Lakbayan grade is C-!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Canon 450D – My DSLR

I know, i know. I have said that I do not have the budget to buy a DSLR yet but i just couldn’t turn down my friend’s offer. She is selling her Canon 450D, two months old, because she needs the money ASAP for a very cheap/affordable price. I thought I was buying a digital camera when she told me how much her price for her Canon 450D.  These pictures were actually taken by my friend and she shared it in her Facebook tagging me.

I own this DSLR Canon 450D now and I am enjoying my time using and practicing with it. As of now, I am reading the manual that came free with the set. And EXPECT more beautiful pictures from me, sissies:)

I cannot wait to share my travel and fashion pictures in this blog especially now that I have finally bought a DSLR to use.

Macro Photography – Trying my Best

When we visited my Tatay’s (father) rice farm, I brought with me my Nikon IXUS100 digicam because I know he has so many flowers in his garden because aside from his love with his cigar he also loves growing flowers in his garden. My father is a good farmer, he knows how to take care of his plants and flowers and he knows how to make a bounty harvest with his rice field.

As for me, I love photography and I love to take pictures of beautiful things. As you can see here, this is one of my precious moments with my camera, I am trying my best to take a picture of a very small flower.

Isn’t it beautiful?