Daily Archives: May 23, 2012

Skiing on Holidays

It is raining cats and dogs in here and I became tired of it. If only it is snow that is falling on the roof top, I would love it. I am dreaming of a white Christmas is just a song for me. Christmas is not here, not yet, but I am really dreaming of snowy Christmas. So I checked online if I can find a place where I can spend my dream White and Snowy Christmas.

I can reserve a luxury catered ski chalet with Supertravel if I want to. I have been checking the site and boy; I am amazed by their offers. I could live like a Queen in Europe with their help. They can arrange a great holiday for me and my family. Different people have different tastes, likes and interests, and this site could help me and you to find the best deals, they could arrange everything so that we can enjoy our holiday/vacation.

Skiing is one of the best things to do in the snow, aside from making snowmen, right? I haven’t tried skiing just yet because I have not gone to a snowy place, but I will try it if God permits. I can see people in some photos online, they are having FUN and they enjoying their time skiing and I grew envy of them.

The Overview

When our new car arrived, my father couldn’t help it, he wanted to test drive it. So we went to The Overview located in Quezon Bukidnon. We traveled for almost 2 hours I think, from our place (Pangantucan Bukidnon) before we reached the place.

The Overview is named “Overview” for the reason that it is higher than any other places located near it. You can view a lot of things when you are at the top. Here is a picture of me and my daughter:

The view is great here. SEE????

I mean, hey, you could almost see everything up here.