Monthly Archives: July 2012

Pangantucan Bukidnon Church

Pangantucan Bukidnon has one of the old churches in Bukidnon. That is why you should never forget to drop by at the Church if ever you visit Pangantucan. Our Parish Priest has helped renovate our Church, the townspeople have donated money for the expenses the Church incurred.

A lot has changed for our Church, the tiles were changed, the altar table, and the decorated bamboo trees at the altar has been replaced. The San Isidro Labrador Church in Pangantucan is big but during our town Fiesta and other Church events our chairs are not enough for the mass-goers. So our Parish Priest has stackable church chairs ready for this kind of Church events.

Another thing, our Church has a round shape, its not the same with other Churches in Bukidnon.

Traveling in My Mind

I have not traveled for almost two months now. So I am thinking of visiting my Grandma in Bohol or my cousins in Cebu, or maybe I’ll just had a little tour in Davao. But then again, I can’t. My baby Chicay is just 4 months old and my mom wont allow me to bring her with me.

The best thing that I can do for today is just to travel in my mind. Have you tried traveling in your mind? It is FUN, you can go visit different places at one time, and it is FREE.

Backless Baby

I am a full-pledge STAGE MOTHER. I don’t get tired of dressing up my baby, dolling her up, thenĀ  took a photo of her and post it in FB or in my blogs.

Before I gave birth to my daughter I went shopping with my mom for baby clothes and other baby stuffs that my baby needs. But after giving birth, a lot of people have given me baby clothes, baby shoes, baby socks and toys. My cousins, my cousin’s wife, and some friends who had little girls before me sent a box or two and I thought they would send me micro meters too. I am so happy to accept such gifts because it means that I could save money from not buying baby clothes anymore and aside from that I can help Mother Earth (from not buying new things and re-cycling/re-using old clothes).

My baby Chicay is wearing a backless top paired with pants in here:
The clothes doesn’t look old, right? She loves to wear it!