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Pink Fridays: Pink Ribbon in a Onesie

We receive this cutesy little onesie from my cousin Te Mai. It’s brand new and I think it is a gift for her daughter from one of her friends abroad but her daughter is now 3 years old and will not fit in the onesie anymore.

what caught my eye is the very pink ribbon ensemble in the center of the onesie.

Fashionable Wedding Ideas

I have not been married yet but I am planning to have one. I am thinking of hiring a wedding planner though so that I will have a stress-free wedding. It is not easy to think of fashionable wedding ideas but you can come with it if you really want to have one, just search the internet and you’ll find a lot of them. I was checking Mr G when I stumble upon small burlap gift bags here which is a very unique wedding giveaway ideas. It is eco-friendly and fashionable at the same time.

It can be re-used and the wedding guests will love it because they can use it not only display it and let it gather dusts in the cabinet or display area in the living room.

Search for Mr and Ms UN 2007

Most parents are now busy looking for traditional costumes of different countries that could fit their children because of the United Nations event or affair that most schools in the Philippines are celebrating.

A friend of mine asked me for help because her sister needs a Cowgirl costume, and boy she is lucky I still have my Cowboy Hat hanging in my bedroom wall and my brother’s Cowboy Vest (when we were young). I just told her that her sister could wear a sexy short or jeans paired with a checkered long-sleeve and she will look fine.

After that, I went to my room and take out my little brother’s album to reminisce the time when he won as Mr. UN 2007 and Best in Costume. Rashid and his classmate won in Best Attire or Best in Costume at that time simply because we really made an effort and ordered a tailor -made Korean traditional costume for the event.
I cannot not take a photo of it so I wanna share this photo with you. My brother’s costume was a copy from Jumong’s (a Korean teleserye that I used to watch) outfit.