Monthly Archives: January 2014

Kiddie King Jb

We had a Pose for a Cause event last December 2013 and so I let my kids join the event. It is so hard to ask the children to pose for the camera.

Wedding Gown Photoshoot

I have organized a Pose for a Cause: Bangon Bohol event last December 30, 2013 at Pangantucan Bukidnon and I had my share for the photo shoot too. I wore a wedding gown owned by my niece that she wore during her wedding 2 years ago. My photographer friends were the ones who asked me to wear a bridal gown because they said that I am a very lovely bride. The only problem is, we didn’t found a man to dress up in a tuxedos at this website because it is so hard to find one.
I am glad that I said yes to this photo shoot theme because I am envious of my friends who had their weddings these past few years. I am a sucker for wedding photos and though I did this alone, I am happy to see myself wearing a wedding gown.

First Vacay for 2014

I went to Davao City last January 2 because I have some business transactions to attend to. What I didn’t expect was my cousins from Manila and Iligan City were there too, to have a little vacation. So when I contacted them and told them I am in Davao City too, we had a little gathering and went to Samal Island to have a swim. We went to Maxima Aquafun first but it is so sad that their restaurant was out of food at that time that is why we decided to find another place to hang out.

We checked out Hagimit Falls and we decided to stay there and took a dip into their cold fresh water. Here are some of the photos we took right after we had a swim and yes, the first photo is very intriguing in my Facebook account because I said I was with my current boyfriend (he is my cousin though).

Celeteque Overload

Recently my blog crashed and a lot of blog posts were missing that leads to a stressful week and sleepless nights because I have to double time and check out my own subscription to my blog and make up for all the missing blog posts. Because of this, I have develop dark circles around my eyes which I do not like whenever I look at the mirror, I see horror all over my face.

I am glad that Unilab, who is great at creating beauty products that works well gave me some products in exchange for an honest review. I receive a gift pack at my doorstep and I cannot wait to try them out. Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener gave me my eyes a new life. I have been using it for the past few days and I can say that it improves the skin around my eyes and yes it doesn’t look bad anymore.
Celeteque Soothing Lip Balm is the answer to my cracked lips. Yes, it has been raining for a week now and due to the bad weather my lips doesn’t look good either. Having a soothing lip balm is a great help, it help to moisten my lips and I finally bid goodbye to cracked lips.

And because I have received 5 pieces of each product, I gave my mom, cousin and a friend, one of each.

Pose for a Cause : Valencia Bukidnon

A friend of mine who is into PHOTOGRAPHY has organized an event together with his make-up artist friend called Pose for a Cause : Help for Visayas. I went there to help raise money and yes I posed for a cause too. Here some of Khem shots of me and I post-process them myself.