Daily Archives: April 5, 2011

Crocodile Park:The 2nd time around

We went to Davao just this week for a business trip but we brought along the kids in order for them to see and visit Crocodile Park. The kids enjoyed their time watching the crocodile which comes in different sizes, Crocodile Park has “Pangil” (the biggest crocodile in the park), they also have adults and sub-adults crocodile, they also have a small crocodile which guests can hold and took some pictures. The kids were able to see snakes, monkeys, tigers, ostriches and different birds.

The kids have enjoyed their time in Crocodile Park and they even enjoyed watching a bird which practices its basketball skills but I think they would enjoy more if there are birds that could play table tennis for a change.

Bukidnon Deer Park and Wildlife Center

I have heard for this place before but I have not set foot in the area. Not until last March when my little brother, Rashid, had their field trip.

The place is not open for people or tourists just yet, but it is open for different schools who want their pupils and students to have an educational field trip to the place. The care taker told us that if you went there without a prior letter or notice that you will visit the place, you are not allowed to enter.

There are so many animals they have their and some of them are these:

They also have deers, crocodiles, ostriches and snakes. I am glad that I went along with my little brother and brought my son too because they enjoyed walking around, watching different animals that we thought can only be seen on television.