Daily Archives: April 15, 2011

Online Shopping for my Brother

I have learned to go online when I went to College because we have these internet access cards to our computer labs that we simply could not turn down for the fact that it is included in our matriculation fees. But it never occurred to me that I can earn online and shop online back then, maybe because I was just a student who doesn’t care much about internet and its benefits.

But when I became a mom, and started to run my own business, internet browsing has become my hobby and past time. Aside from reading and writing online, I also learned that I can just sit back and relax while shopping online. At first, I only buy t-shirts and dresses. But I realize that I could save money, time and effort if I get to buy all my needs and wants online. Even my brothers are beginning to learn how to shop online through me. Last week, my brother has been asking me about LG mobile phones that are available online because his 3 years old cell phone just died on him.
So I have been searching high and low at different classifieds in order to find something cool and perfect phone for him. And this is the closest I have seen.

Ayos Dito is the best area for online shopper, newbie or not, anywhere in the Philippines. They have guidelines for buyers and sellers alike. As a first time buyer, you may have doubts but do not be scared because the site has certified and responsible sellers. And back to my brother’s phone, we are still debating on what kind of contract LG mobile phones we should get. Something stylish but not too sexy and something that would be good for my brother’s budget.

GT:Biggest Fan

I know, I am late for GT and I am sorry. I am so busy with my personal life and so, I wasn’t able to write my entry for GT last Thursday but Kaye knows me, I wont allow myself to miss any GT so here I am posting my entry for this week’s topic: “The Star I would die for”.

I was supposed to make an entry about Angelina Jolie, I love her so much from the time I have learned to watch Hollywood movies. But when I went to Beauty Queen Gene, I changed my mind because Kaye have already shared why Angelina would be the perfect celebrity to die for. So I go for my well-loved local celebrity, Anne Curtis.

I have seen Magic Kingdom over and over again when I was in grade school and believe me, I hate her. Why? She is so pretty, she acts well, but she doesn’t talk. I mean, she has I think two or three lines only (Tagalog) because she doesn’t know how to speak Tagalog fluently (this is just my presumption). But then again, the movie was a big hit. I learned to love her in Hiram, Kampanerang Kuba, Maging Sino Ka Man and Dyosa. I even bought an all original DVDs of Maging Sino Ka man in Odyssey just so I won’t miss any of the teleserye’s episodes. I grew up with Anne, she is 5 months older than me but she has reach the stardom at an early age. I admire her not only because she is a great actress, or the best VJ, but because she knows how to bring herself.

I haven’t met her yet and I have not even seen her in real life but I like her.