Monthly Archives: February 2012

Purple Baby Blanket

Shopping was never been this GREAT! Yeah, shopping makes me feel great because I am shopping for my baby. And while I was checking out baby blankets, a purple one caught my attention with this caption “Daddy makes me smile”. Well, ain’t it great? Every child is a blessing to her or his parents and our child were the ones who makes us smile, but this little caption changes it all. That is why I bought it immediately without having second thoughts about it.
We were shopping for all our baby needs but the bf was thinking of  buying air cylinders too. So after our trip to the infants section, we went to the bf’s favorite store and if we couldn’t find his needs there, I will check out online stores for some help too.

Baby’s Crib

When we went to Davao City to shop for baby clothes and baby needs, we saw this cute little crib that is well-suited for a baby girl.
My heart jumped when I saw it, I really want to buy it though I don’t need it because Jb’s crib is still in good condition. This one is so cute, so fit for a baby girl but I just can’t buy. Somehow I was able to control my shopping impulse to buy something that I just want but I don’t need.

Shopping is equal to Spending

I have been shopping a lot lately and yes, just like what the title means, SHOPPING will always be equal to SPENDING. Unless of course I am shopping for something that I could sell online or offline and I can get back the money I have spend on the things I have bought.

Life is hard nowadays and shopping is not the best hobby I should indulge myself into, so I make sure that I only shop or buy the things I really need, aside from that I am thinking of where to buy silver coins because I know they are a good investment for the future and the money I could gain from selling the coins I bought will allow me to shop more.

Anyway, I am limiting myself into buying or shopping only the things I needed but not the things I wanted for now. I am on a tight budget, you know.