GT: Stupid Love

Most people know that I am an intelligent person, I may not be a genius like Einstein but let’s just say I have an average IQ. But when it comes to Love, I am the most stupid person on earth aside from Mr. Bean.

The most stupid thing I did for love was writing it on a diary. Yes, believe it or not I have this HUGE (super HUGE) crush on someone when I was in my freshman years in college. Let’s just call him “Nichru”, I met him during the first year orientation. He was cute and cool and has hair like Sea Urchins. Most of the girls had a crush on him and was very open to let him know that he is cute while I, on the other hand, just kept my mouth shut and let my friends do the talking. We met and we were classmates in some subjects and we became friends. For the other guys, I think it was quite obvious that I had a crush on him but he was so insensitive.

So, I started to write on my diary again, but instead of talking to my diary, I was talking to him. Every single day I wrote a love letter to that young boy beside me. I even began to stalk him(LOL), okay I was crazy. I asked for his number through his friends, texted him and calling him without telling him that it was me. He doesn’t even know it up to this moment. For four long years, I have loved him and when graduation came I was about to come out to my shell and give him my Diary (full of love letters to him) but I never got the courage to do so.

Up until now, he doesn’t know about my feelings towards him but still I am thankful that I have come to my senses and stop my craziness before he thinks that I am a lunatic.


  1. Hi sis. I also had a diary with – but not full of- love letters to my HS crush before. I named him “Dusk”. Everyone in school knew I had feelings for this Dusk but only me and my best friend – and my diary knew who he was. Well, that was not until someone stole my diary from our locker and the truth was revealed to everyone. LOL.

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  2. i think most of us girls had this episode of being ‘crazy over’ someone. i had my own share of such episodes and though i found them ‘really stupid’ now, i think they are funny, anyway, lol!

  3. hi sis!.thanks for dropping a note on my stupid love chuvah..

    I have my diary too before..especially when I am depress lahat sinusulat ko dun..pero pag medyo puno na sya tinatapon ko rin..hahaha..stupid? kanyakanyang trip lang siguro..

    I followed you on Google friends connect..hope you can follow me too..

  4. gosh. nakakatakot kang stalker. hehe. joke. i also kept a diary during high school, but it was not about a single crush. dami ko crush nun e. wahaha! wala lang. mga walang kakwentahan. sayang lng hindi ko na alam asan ung mga diary ko. sarap siguro basahin nun. hahaha!

  5. aliw, aliw hahahaaa!

    and I can relate to all that hiding feelings….mabuti na lang you poured it out through writings to keep your sanity.

    But i feel a little sad that the guy never found out about your feelings for him…I wonder if things would have been different =)

    Thank you for visiting, Zoan!

  6. ginawa ko rin yang love letters slash journal nung long-distance pa kami ni mister… kamusta naman, di ata nya nababasa pa lahat. hehehe! ;p

    i think the stupid part dito, bakit di ka umamin? malay mo naging kayo? but i bet you’re happy where you are now so charge that one to experience na lang…

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